Cooking Class in Arequipa

This Cooking Classes in Arequipa is the best introduction to the city. Arequipa is known for its amazing  and unique food and during this cooking class you will have the opportunity to make some fantastic and delicious local dishes, such as causa, rocoto relleno or the popular ceviche.

During this cooking class in Arequipa, we make dishes according to your preferences, this ensures your satisfaction but also that you will cook the dishes when you are at home, being this a perfect way to spread the Peruvian culinary culture.

market food tour in arequipa

Cooking Classes in Arequipa

street culinary tour in arequipa

Make 3 different Peruvian starters

Price: 50 USD

Learn to make 3 delicious Peruvian starters such as ceviche, ocopa, causa or pulpo al olivo.

culinary tour in arequipa

Make 2 starters and 1 main dish

Price: 75 USD

Get cooking skills during your trip and learn to cook Peruvian food, perfect for lunch or dinner.

private food tour in arequipa

1 starter, 1 main dish and 2 cocktails

Price: 75 USD

Get the whole combo with this option as you will make a great menu for you or your love ones.