When you think of Peru, you think of Machu Picchu, its beautiful valleys, tourist destinations and of course its delicious cuisine. In Peru, each city contributes something to the kitchen, however, travelers usually only visit the south of the country, since it is where the largest number of tourist attractions are found. That is why in this article we will present you 3 cities in southern Peru, where gastronomy is an important part of the tourist attractions.


market food tour in arequipa

Lima is the capital of Peru and the place from where many travelers start their journey. This city has become the heart of Peruvian gastronomy and this is demonstrated in its streets with the large number of restaurants. In addition, this city has 3 of the best restaurants in the world, Central, Maido and Astrid & Gastón. What makes food in Lima so attractive is that locals are used to cook food influenced by many countries and this is how the “tiradito de pescado”, “el lomo saltado” and “el mondonguito” are the result. just to name some of the dishes that have, for example, African, Asian and European influences. If you are in Lima and want to have an excellent culinary experience, you can book a tour with Food Tour Lima. This company conducts tours in the most bohemian area of Lima, Barranco. It is in this coastal district where the best cafes, bars and restaurants in the entire city are located.


food walking tour in arequipa

Hidden between large volcanoes, Arequipa is one of the best-known cities when it comes to Peruvian cuisine. This southern Peruvian city has an incomparable charm, since its streets combine the native with the European due to the many years of Spanish colony. When it comes to gastronomy, Arequipa is famous for its “picanterias” which are a kind of restaurant, where the tables are long in order to allow different groups of customers to sit together. This idea arose during the colonial era and served for people of any social class to share their ideas at mealtime. Some of the most famous Arequipa dishes are “the stuffed rocoto”, “the solterito de queso” and “el chupe de camarones”. If you are in this city we recommend you take a tour with Food Tour Arequipa, this way you can try many dishes while you discover the city.


Cusco, the capital of the Inca empire. This great city in the Peruvian highlands has a lot to offer, starting with Machu Picchu, one of the 7 wonders of the world. Millions of travelers come to Cusco to visit this tourist attraction and visit many other interesting places such as the rainbow mountain, the sacred valley and sacsayhuaman. Like these places, the food in Cusco is also wonderful. It is composed mainly of products from the Andes such as potatoes, quinoa and many herbs that only grow in the heights. In Cusco the most typical is “fried guinea pig”, “fried trout” and “quinoa soup”. It is possible that when you are in Cusco you do not have enough time to know everything, that is why we recommend you book a tour through Cusco Food Tours and thus you will be able to discover the authentic cuisine of Cusco.